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  • Primal Deity I: The Chaos Engine

    Primal Deity I: The Chaos Engine

    In the blink of an eye, FBI Special Agent Alex Southerland finds herself in a world she’d rather not belong, haunted by the stench of death all around her. And, that’s not the sum of her problems. She may work for the Bureau, but she serves another master—one who finds delight in darkness and mayhem. […]

  • Primal Deity II: Crisis Management

    Primal Deity II: Crisis Management

    Against her better judgment, FBI Special Agent Alex Southerland pours every ounce of her heart into each case. Still, no one believes she did all she could to keep a kidnapped little boy in New York from being burned alive. But, there’s no time for reflection, self pity, fear or doubt because another innocent has […]

  • Primal Deity III: Containment

    Primal Deity III: Containment

    “Primal Deity III: Containment,” casts a dark shadow on the main character, FBI Agent Alex Southerland. This fast-paced crime thriller picks up right at the end of book two after Alex, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, is forced to accept a clandestine mission from the White House. On her one-woman man hunt for a notorious […]

  • Primal Deity IV: Early Detection

    Primal Deity IV: Early Detection

    Somewhere between Atlanta and New York, the world changed, and so did Alex Southerland.  Her career’s gone, and the love of her life is but a distant memory. However, her family’s touched her heart for the very first time. The Alex of old would’ve died before giving in, but with her family held captive by […]

  • Primal Deity V: One Federal Parkway

    Coming Soon.  

  • Primal Deity Extras

    Primal Deity Extras

    “This whole thing started years back when I wrote Containment, which turned out to be the 3rd book in the series.  Then I went back and wrote the first book, The Chaos Engine, originally entitled, Death Peddler.  After that, I wrote book 2, Crisis Management (one of my personal favorites), and then books 4 and […]