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  • Primal Deity III: Containment

    Primal Deity III: Containment

    “Primal Deity III: Containment,” casts a dark shadow on the main character, FBI Agent Alex Southerland. This fast-paced crime thriller picks up right at the end of book two after Alex, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, is forced to accept a clandestine mission from the White House. On her one-woman man hunt for a notorious […]

  • Primal Deity IV: Early Detection

    Primal Deity IV: Early Detection

    Somewhere between Atlanta and New York, the world changed, and so did Alex Southerland.  Her career’s gone, and the love of her life is but a distant memory. However, her family’s touched her heart for the very first time. The Alex of old would’ve died before giving in, but with her family held captive by […]

  • Primal Deity V: One Federal Parkway

    Coming Soon.